Business Process Improvement :    
As part of our Business Process Improvement (BPI) initiative, we will help you review your business processes vis-a-vis industry standards, and recommend changes in process to leverage both existing and new technology. We will assist you in building a business case for new initiatives to reduce cost, decrease latency and improve productivity.

Infoplus BPI offering includes:

  • Benchmarking existing offshore relationships and operations for operational efficiency, geographic rationalization, and offshore expansion.
  • Helping organizations understand the impact of outsourcing / offshoring on existing operations.
  • Building a business case for a new outsourcing / offshoring initiative.
  • Identifying opportunities for lowering operational expenses and improving performance.

Back Office Processing
Infoplus back-office offerings include accounting and human resource services. Infoplus can assume the complete accounting, billing, and collections process, which includes receiving documents, scanning, data entry, printing, mailing and follow-up. Infoplus human resource services include entry of timesheets vacation forms, and other various forms used by our customers.

Transaction / Form Processing :  
Infoplus will convert paper forms/transactions to electronic data using Intelligent Character Reading (ICR), Optical Character Reading (OCR), or manual data entry. This data will be transmitted back to you within 24 hours.

Digital Imaging and Data Conversion :
Infoplus will help you meet your document conversion and information capture needs. Infoplus has the capacity to create digital content from any source - paper, microfilm, and electronic files - and convert data to any industry or company standard or format, for example, TIFF, ASCII, EBCIDIC, comma separated value, fixed format, SGML, XML, or other tagged formats.