INFOPLUS shall strive to achieve the following quality policy through effective Project Management & Delivery Techniques embodying a professional quality system by firm determination and positive participation. All personnel from the top management to the individual staff regardless of working places shall proceed with the directives set forth in this policy.
• Our Products and services shall be of such high and sustained quality that we always achieve the stated and implied expectations of our customers and that we are seen as leaders in our industry.
• Our goal is to deliver to customers the most valuable services at competitive prices. Therefore, quality improvement is a continuous purpose for all functions within the company.
• Contributing to sustainable development of society by providing customers with products and services that satisfy applicable statutory regulations and customers contractual requirements.
• Strengthening individual abilities and functions & fulfilling individual responsibilities as assigned by the quality system.
• Setting of measurable objectives to continually improve the quality management system.
• Dedication and commitment to superior quality in all we do is the responsibility of every member of the organization.
• We shall use preventative methods and strive to work without defects to achieve our goals. Our responsibility is to achieve Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction.