Offshore Services  

It makes sense for companies to outsource their IT activities because it enables them to focus on their core competencies. Additionally, outsourcing non-core IT activities to an established and reliable offshore IT service provider also enables international companies to take advantage of significant cost savings without compromise on quality.

Infoplus specializes in providing a comprehensive spectrum of offshore software/IT services. We strive to become a one-stop shop for companies having a diverse range of IT and software requirements. Our services include software development, software re-engineering and enhancements, testing and quality assurance, support and maintenance services and IT strategy consulting. Additionally, we have also worked with partner companies for joint offshore product development initiatives.

Learn more about our service offerings for offshore outsourcing of custom software development, product development and extended software development facility.
  1. The Offshore Value Proposition
  2. Offshore Custom Software Development
  3. Offshore Product Development

    The Offshore Value Proposition

    Offshore outsourcing can offer significant advantages to your organization. Incorporating this phenomenon into your business enables you to become more competitive in the global marketplace. This is because in today’s global business environment, companies are required to utilize the best resources at the most cost effective prices so that they in turn can provide better product or service offerings to their customers. Companies that fail to recognize this fact will eventually fall behind the competition.
    The Offshore Outsourcing Value Proposition entails the following key elements
  1. It enables your organization to outsource non core activities and focus on   your core competencies
  2. It enables you to take advantage of our expertise in IT project management, software development, software testing and support   procedures and methodologies
  3. It enables you to take advantage of significant cost benefits without   compromise on quality

Your organization is not required to maintain expensive IT expertise in-   house, which can prove to be a significant overhead, especially if your   organization does not have a steady stream of IT requirements to fulfill

Offshore Custom Software Development

Companies often require custom designed software solutions that meet the exact specifications of their business processes. They can seldom find such solutions in the form of a product ready for purchase. Custom tailored solutions not only fit the precise requirements of an organization, they also enable them to factor in issues such as existing network and software infrastructure, integration with existing packages and support and maintenance requirements.

Infoplus Technology provides offshore custom software development services for business applications as well as systems and embedded software. Within these two broad fields we possess in-depth knowledge of specific domains which enables us to better comprehend your requirements and design solutions accordingly. We strive to provide value to the customer in terms of cost benefits without compromise on quality or schedule.

Effective communication between the client and the service provider is a key element in the successful execution of an offshore software development project. Lack of clear understanding of the clients requirements by the service provider is a major cause of setbacks during the life cycle of a project. Lack of proper documentation at every step of the project can also cause significant problems at later stages of the project and post-implementation. At Infoplus Technology, we have adopted well defined methodologies for the analysis, design, delivery and management of all offshore and offsite projects. We follow industry proven best practices to successfully manage offshore relationships and to minimize risk and instill transparency in all aspects of offshore project execution.

Offshore Product Development

Partnering with an offshore software company can significantly lower the cost of developing a product, which in turn can directly affect the bottom line of your product development initiative. Infoplus Technology can serve as an ideal partner for the offshore software development of your product.

Unlike most software development companies in India which are primarily services based, Infoplus Technology has ventured into the product space as well. We have indigenously developed a range of products for the banking and financial sector in India by putting together a team of domain, industry and technology experts. Our own experience in product development has given us more than a fair idea of what is involved in indigenously developing and marketing a specialized software product.

Different companies have partnered with us in different ways for various product development initiatives. We can serve simply as an offshore development partner to simply develop the product as per your specification at our offshore facility. However, if the idea for a product lies in our domain(s) of expertise, we can be involved in all stages of the initiative including conceptualization, specification, development and even marketing.