Employee Development
Why InfoPlus

Superiority of InfoPlus resources

Local candidates: In India, we serve our clients through multiple offices. We offer our clients care from our office closest to their location where the account manager co-ordinates with our recruitment team to locate the best-fit candidates: those who meet the requirements and are based in the vicinity of the client location. If our recruitment team cannot find a suitable internal candidate, the account manager co-ordinates with the partner company located closest to the client to ensure that the best local candidates are forwarded to the client for the validation process. Only when local candidates do not meet client expectations do we bring in candidates from other locations.
Fast turnaround: We use service level agreements with all our clients. For all pre-defined skill requirements of a client, we commit a response time for resume submission, client interviews, joining and resource replacement.

Matching process: Our structured resource process ensures that our clients see only resumes that fully match their requirements. Thus you don’t waste time in reviewing resumes of unqualified candidates.

Rates and legal compliance: We ensure that you get access to high-quality resources at the lowest cost possible within the federal wage regulations. We can provide candidates who are US citizens or permanent residents or eligible-to-work immigrants. Our hiring and compensation practices are fully compliant with all federal authority guidelines.

Service quality: Our post-placement services - Mentoring, regular review, feedback, and skill improvement initiatives - Ensure that you get candidates who will stay long term and be committed to your project.