Employee Development
Training And Training Areas
InfoPlus’s human resource department focuses on continuous learning and skill enhancement of our employees. We have a dedicated training center that concentrates on analyzing the training and development needs of our employees and conducts a sequence of programs to fulfill the training needs. We stress on ongoing training and development and incorporate attainment of training goals in each employees performance goals and evaluation. The strategy employed is a mix of organization led initiatives and individual driven efforts. We encourage employees to identify training programs that will increase their value to InfoPlus and in the marketplace. We also continuously scan the business environment and sponsor employees for training initiatives.

We have our own in-house training center, called the Competency Development Center (CDC), with the focused aim to deliver high-class training to our associates in the new and emerging areas of technology. The various forms of training include seminars, conference tutorials and workshops, classroom training, mentoring, and laboratories.

CDC is an important institution with the focus to scale new technologies and skills required to meet the customer demands. Training to Consultants is also imparted during projects on sharpening specific skills and providing understanding on the client’s line of business, helping the associates keep abreast of the latest technology and skills. Additionally, we have relationships with distance learning providers and have remote training initiatives that are in consonance with our business models and strategies.

We have a team of qualified in-house trainers, competent in technical platforms, domain knowledge, communication skills, as well as soft skills such as leadership capabilities and management expertise. External leading training institutes conduct programs on rare technical platforms, emerging technologies in the market, and foreign language skills and country and cultural elements know-how. For more information on our training programs and processes.