Employee Development
Resource Matching Process
InfoPlus focuses on two major areas in our corporate development: staff augmentation services and end-to-end projects. The key to our success is our ability to recruit and retain high-quality technical resources from around the globe.
How we match employees with clients:
Account managers make requests to resource managers
Resource managers evaluate the global availability of Consultants, check on concluding engagements that might free up suitable candidates and present suitable candidate to the client through the account manager.
If the resource group does not find a suitable internal candidate, they send the specifications to the recruiting group, who have access to their constantly updated candidate database to identify any fits. If they find a basic fit, they pass the candidate through technical check and subsequent screening. They present any suitable candidates to the client through the account manager.
If the recruiting group does not find a fit (usually due to either time constraints or specific technical requirements), they contact a select pool of partner organizations. Our partners locate candidates and we screen them before sending them to our clients.
Our ability to source a profile depends on the skills and experience our client requires. For example, we can easily find a junior level developer and fill such requests quickly, supplying suitable resumes to the client within two business days.
Our objective is to exceed client expectations. If necessary, we can make special efforts to cut the lead time in presenting candidates making the submission without compromising their quality.