Employee Development
Our Selection Process

Our selection process focuses on qualification and certification:

Qualifications: We screen all candidates based on their experience and educational credentials. Our IT professionals typically have a master’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering and/or computer science or another technical discipline and at least two or three years of IT experience.
Certifications: We place significant weight on technical certifications from recognized technical institutions. Our experience has shown that certified individuals tend to be in the top quartile of performers and the vast majority will obtain several more certifications during their career with us.

Selection process
Our selection process involves evaluating communication skills, technical skills and domain expertise. It is a multi-layered process with several check points and internal crosschecks.
Following is the general description of the selection process:
Resume screening: We assess all resumes from prospective candidates for suitability based on requirements, stated facts and market realities

Initial assessment: Our recruiters assess candidates on their communication skills, general aptitude and career expectations

Skills test: We use a mix of online and paper tests. Sometimes hands-on tests(programming logic) are also employed.

Technical interview by internal/external experts: We have identified internal experts in the US and India in specific technical areas. This talent pool evaluates candidates for the depth and range of their project experience and potential for future growth. We often use outside expertise as well to micro-detail our selection.

Human resource interview: The managers incharge of recruiting and human resources, interview the candidate to assess leadership potential, team-working skills and emotional stability. They also discuss and finalize career plan, aspirations and compensation aspects.

Reference checking: We check references to verify claims and credentials, usually with only candidates’ direct supervisors to gain a clear picture of their day-to-day performance, capabilities and areas needing improvement

Offer: Offering the position and bringing the person on board