Employee Development
What makes InfoPlus a great company to work for?
Team work
InfoPlus promotes a spirit of teamwork among all associates. Our Triumph Through Teamwork (T-cube) focuses on helping associates understand the team-building process and the dynamics of effective team performance.
Cosmopolitan atmosphere
InfoPlus spans the globe, with employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds. We have built a culture that blends the richness of diversity with a tolerance for behavioral variation. We train our personnel on languages and nuances of etiquette to enable them to blend into the culture of our clients organizations.
Feeling of ownership, belonging, pride
InfoPlus believes in sharing wealth with those who help create it. Through our Process Improvement Plan, we reward associates who make good suggestions on how to improve our organization.
Facilitating learning
InfoPlus Competence Development Center(CDC) provides opportunities to people to learn new technologies and to hone existing skills through self and guided learning programs.
Transparent operations and information sharing
InfoPlus human resource group has made policies available to all associates across the organization. Throughout the year, we share information through: induction for new recruits, our in-house news magazine, small group meets, and so on. We also encourage associates to voice concerns through InTouch, our grievance handling system accessible to everyone in the organization.
Climate surveys
InfoPlus hires an outside agency to conduct planned employee satisfaction surveys. They involve all employees in all locations and help senior management formulate the right policies for the associates.
Recognition and reward
InfoPlus believes that people are our prime assets. We recognize and reward exceptional efforts and performance of our associates through project bonuses, spot bonuses to individuals, and other instruments.